about us

Breezybrook Gundogs is a kennel run by Jacquie Ward & Jim Munday in Bedfordshire. We specialise in working cocker spaniels, and our dogs are required to work hard as we are picking up 3-4 days each week during the shooting season.

Jacquie has had some success in field trials but these days prefers spending her days picking up on local shoots with the dogs doing a full day’s work. When not in the shooting field or training the dogs Jacquie runs Breezybrook Breeder Services which includes animal pregnancy scanning.

We stand several dogs at stud, all proven as stud dogs and working dogs. All stud dogs are DNA tested for prcd-PRA, FN and AMS as a minimum and all are Clear. There are now Breezybrook sired dogs in many countries in Europe, South Africa, Canada, USA and Australia. If you require frozen semen to be shipped please enquire.

Our own breeding lines stem from Breezybrook Trouper, who was a truly super dog, he had great working qualities, super conformation and stunning looks. His dam Cressett Chocolate Drop of Breezybrook was still picking up at 15 years old!

From time to time we have selectively bred litters and we aim to breed for working ability, conformation, health and temperament, our puppies make great
working/trialling dogs, many are excelling at agility whilst others are great country companions.