Breezybrook Hectic Hector

Hector is a liver dog sired by Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook (Sox) and out of FTAW Bella Minnie of Breezybrook (Tanner). Hector is grandson to Breezybrook Trouper and has Trouper’s drive.Weighing about 11kg, he is a very easy going dog, fast but very trainable. Currently in our picking up team but is an excellent choice of sire for agility litters.His temperament is second to none. He is a proven stud and carries Gold/Red as well as Tan Points.

Hector is DNA Clear as follows:

prcd-PRA (progressive rod cone degeneration form of PRA)

FN (Familial Nephropathy)

AON (Adult Onset Neuropathy)

AMS (Acral Mutilation Syndrome)

Patella Score 0/0